I bought a frying pan! I used to replace my Teflon-coated frying pan about every three years. It was inevitable that they would get burnt while in use, but every time I couldn't use them anymore, I want something that can last longer.
Iron pans may be more durable. However, I am a person who prefers my dishes to be smooth and shiny. Iron pans that need to be greased after use are not suitable for me.
The new one I bought is called Scanpan and it is made in Denmark. It is as easy to handle as a Teflon -coated frying pan, can be scrubbed, can be put in water while hot, and can be used with a metal turner without any problems. Moreover, it comes with a 10-year warranty. I immediately tried making scrambled eggs without using oil. When I added water while the pan was hot, the thin eggs left in the pan floated to the surface. The Scanpan is amazing. I also like the masculine look of the black and stainless steel color. I will use it with care.

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