魔法の毛糸🧶Opal に囲まれて


このブログでも何度か記事にしている KFSのOpal毛糸。お店の場所が気仙沼ゆえ、大阪に暮らす私はネットショップを利用して購入しているのですが、なんとなんと KFSの全国巡回するイベントが、この時期にだけあるそうで!運良く場所とタイミングにも恵まれ、足を運ぶことができました❣️

あれもこれも全部ステキな色味で、お店の棚にきれいに並べられるカラフルな毛糸を眺めているだけで幸せな気持ちに☺️ 最高に気に入った何種類かをしっかり購入して、楽しい時間を満喫してきました。


I have written about the KFS Opal yarn several times in this blog.The store is located in Kesennuma, and I live in Osaka, so I buy their yarn from the online store.I happened to find out that KFS has a national touring event only at this time of the year.I was lucky with my timing and I was able to go to that event.The colors were all beautiful, and I felt happy just looking at the colorful yarns beautifully arranged on the shelves of the store.I bought a few yarns I liked and had a great time.

My daughter, who went to the event with me, found her favorite yarn, which is like a unicorn color. And now, with my support, she has started knitting with Opal yarn! She calls it unicorn, but the correct name for the color is ice cream.

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